When you create a new workspace with Kiite, it can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what Playbook to make! 

There are two routes to go: 

  1. Browse our Template Gallery to get ideas on what Playbooks to create. Check out the templates here: https://kiite.ai/templates

  2. Start from scratch and create a Playbook on your own. Playbooks are a great way to organize a workflow or a grouping of topics. You populate Playbooks with individual Cards. A single card can live on multiple Playbooks, and when one Card is updated, those changes will propagate to the rest of the Card instances. 

Other things to do to set up your workspace include: 

  • Connect your workspace to your Data Sources. For example, if you connect your Google Drive account, Kiite will be able to search your resources to provide you with a central repository to search! 

  • Invite your co-workers and friends

Don't forget to check out our Best Practices articles!

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