A playbook can be created for various types of content! 

Workflows and Steps:
Use the columns, from left to right, as a way to organize a workflow. For example, if you have a 5 stage sales process, have a column for each stage. Discovery > Negotiation > Handoff to Account Manager. Under each stage, create a card for each of the most important documents to reference, scripts, email templates, FAQ questions etc. that should be referenced at each stage.  


Use the columns to represent a category under the Playbook topic.  For example, if your Playbook is called Competitor Battlecards, where the purpose of the Playbook is to house all of your competitor intelligence, you might have a column for each competitor with Cards that outline where your product is better, worse, and comparable. Or you could have a column for each product and have a card for each competitor against that product.

We've worked hard to get you everything you need to get you started with Playbooks! Check out our Template Gallery to get ideas:https://kiite.ai/templates

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