1. To start creating card, log in to Kiite Playbooks using this link - https://playbooks.kiite.ai/login

   2. If you want to create a general Card that is not on a Playbook, click on the "+ New" button on the top right and click on "Card". 

   3. If you are creating a Card that you want on a Playbook, you must have a column created. Add a column by clicking the + New Column. You'll be asked to input a title and select a colour for the column. Click save and the column should look like this:

    3. To add a card, click the "+ New Card" at the bottom of that column. You should be directed to the card submission form to fill relevant info. 

    5. After all details are put in place, click save. The card will appear under the column where it was added.

Note that there's also an option to move cards from column to column. Just drag the card to another column and that should transfer it right away!

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