Cards are best when they are short, simple, and to the point. There are cases though where you may want to layers of information. 

  1. First layer (Snippet): Crucial information needed at a glance for when you are on a call with a customer or skimming

  2. Second layer (Description): Detailed information needed during lengthier conversation and research

Snippets allows you to add a preview that highlight the most important information. This is what people will see laid out on the Playbook. 

The description is the full length of the card. This is what people will see when they click onto the Card to get the full Card view. 

How to Create a Snippet:

  1. On the card submission form, click the Advanced Editor link.

   2. You will get a full view of the Card creation. In the smaller text box on the right, you can write the Snippet. On the left, you can put the full description. 

3. After all the details are added, click save.
Image 1 shows the card with a preview.

Image 2 shows the full Card view, which opens when you click on the Card. 

For more information about creating a card, click here for the card creation article.

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