Reasons why you might want to duplicate a Playbook: 

  • You're a Manager or in Enablement creating Playbooks for your team and you want to create a Playbook that is slightly different than another one you've already created

  • You're an individual contributor and there is a Playbook that you like, but want to make a couple of edits (add/remove Cards)

To duplicate a Playbook within your Workspace, click on the "Duplicate" button on the top right of the Playbook. 

These are the two selections when copying a playbook:

  • Duplicate Playbook: Cards will reference the original cards. This means that if one of the Cards is updated, it will update the other. 

  • Duplicate Playbook and Cards - Cards will be duplicated so you can edit them without changing the originals. If you update and make changes to one Card, it will not update the other Cards. 

Please note that this feature is available when you upgrade your plan. For more information, please contact us at 

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