As a workspace Administrator you can make changes to your Kiite Edition and activate your free trial. Start by logging in, clicking the Settings icon at the side bar menu on the left, and selecting Billing.

On the Billing page you can activate your trial by clicking "Upgrade", or change your Edition by clicking "Change Edition" (ex. change from Free to Professional).

To upgrade to Enterprise, click the Contact Us button, and one of our team members will help you! 

The Professional Edition can be purchased directly from your workspace. Do this by clicking, "Purchase Now." 

After you've clicked "Purchase Now," your monthly or annual payment amount will be calculated and displayed:

Input your credit card details. 

Once you've filled the payment details form, click Purchase. You will receive an email notification to confirm the payment and subscription.

Please note that Administrators have the ability to manage the Billing feature in Playbooks. To learn more, please see our Roles and Permissions page!

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