When creating a playbook, you can either add cards that already exist, or create new cards. 

A) To add existing cards to your playbook, simply click the Add Card button at the top right portion (right next to Duplicate and Edit buttons) of the playbook.

A list of cards that can you select from will appear. Search to quickly locate the specific card/cards you wish to add to the playbook. 

Next, drag the card/cards to the destination column. Once you're finished finding and dragging your chosen cards to the playbook, click Done and you're all set!

B) To create a new card on playbook, start off by clicking + New Column button. You'll be asked to input a title and select a colour for the column. Once done, save the column.

Next, click the + New Card at the bottom of that column. You should be directed to the card completion form to fill relevant info. 

After all details are put in place, click save. The card will appear under the column where it was added.

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