If you downloaded V1 of the chrome extension, it was automatically updated on the release of V2.

The Kiite Extension allows you to create cards on the fly, search your Kiite workspaces, and access your favorite resources. (Say “so long” to saving URLs to a bookmark bar, and wave hello to the improved chrome extension.)

Step 1: Visit Kiite in the Chrome Web Store to install the extension in your browser

Step 2: Click “Add to Chrome” followed by “Add Extension”

Step 3: The blue-and-white Kiite icon will now appear on your chrome browser in the upper right corner, next to your browser bar

Step 4: Click the icon to login using your Kiite credentials. This will complete the connection to your account!

Step 5: You can now use Kiite’s Chrome Extension on the web :) 

For best practices on how to use the chrome extension. Please visit the article "How do I use Kiite's browser extension?" 

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