Tag Search
How to search for tags

  • Navigate to Discover cards
  • Left hand column will say “Filter by tag” in a bar
  • Type your key words in the search bar

Note that what you’ve selected under Cards (i.e. Favorites, New, Owned by You, or All) will affect your search results.

  • Add another filter to the cards that you are searching within
  • The results will only show cards that have been tagged with all of they key words you typed in 

(For example, if you type both Hot and Cold, a card with the tags Hot, Cold, and Temperature would come up, but not a card with the tags Hot and Temperature only.)

Tag Manager

  • If you have Admin access, you’ll see a link to manage tags underneath the filter
  • Alternatively, you can go to your WorkspaceID/tags (ex. playbooks.kiite.ai/xxx/tags)
  • Mousing over the right corner of each tag “...” allows for Edit, Merge, and Delete functions


  • Mouse over right side of tag “...”
  • Click edit
  • Make changes
  • Click save


  • Mouse over right side of tag “...”
  • Click merge
  • A prompt will arise to select which tag you’d like to merge with
  • Drop down and select which tag
  • Click merge


  • Mouse over right side of tag “...”
  • Click delete
  • A prompt will arise asking if you’d like to delete
  • Select delete 
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