If your workspace is integrated with Slack, your Kiite avatar will appear as your Slack profile picture. This is not a live sync, it is a one-time import of your current Slack photo. This means if you change your profile picture in Slack, it will not change in Kiite.

Alternatively, if your workspace is not currently integrated with Slack, whatever you setup to be your Gravatar avatar will be automatically presented as your Kiite avatar.

If your organization does not use Slack or Gravatar, you’ll see a small default Kiite cartoon.

Changing your avatar:

  • Start by navigating to your User Settings

  • This can be done by clicking your current avatar in the lower left corner, then selecting Profile & Preferences

  • Under Profile Details, select Upload New Avatar by clicking on your current avatar

  • Select the photo you would like to use as your new avatar

  • Zoom in or out on this new photo by clicking and dragging the Zoom bar

  • When you are satisfied with the photo, click the check mark to officially change your avatar

  • Done!

Additional information:

  • A user can only change their own avatar, regardless of whether or not they are an administrator.

  • Your Kiite profile applies to all of your workspaces. If you update your avatar, it will update in all workspaces.

  • At this time, avatars can be .jpg or .png only.

  • The change updates in real time, and you cannot revert back to the original Slack, Gravatar, or Kiite avatar.

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