With Sending Resources, you can now share documents and attachments with anyone, right out of your Playbook!

All users and all editions of Kiite playbooks can access this feature. Simply attach your file to a card (this can be a URL or an uploaded attachment) and leave the toggle on for “Allow sending this resource to people outside this workspace” at the bottom of the card.

Hint: this will automatically be toggled to on! If you don’t want this resource to be sent to individuals outside of your workspace, click to toggle off. Or...

Double Hint: if you are an Admin, you can set a preference to decide whether this box remains checked by default or unchecked by default. This also impacts whether cards created via the Chrome extension will be marked sendable.

How to Use

Once you’ve uploaded your resource and saved your card, you’ll see a blue button that says “Send Resource.”

Click the button to get started! Then, you can input the email address for your desired recipient(s), add a custom message, toggle “Send a copy to yourself” on if you’d like to see the email, and press send.


If you don’t add a custom message, it will send with only the default: “First name Last name (example@address.com) has sent you a link” when sending a resource as a link, or “First name Last name (example@address.com) has sent you [Document Name.pdf]” when sending an attachment or document.

This email will include only the resource attached to the card, not the information written on the card itself.

If you’ve updated your company branding, the email will include your logo. It will come from the sender’s name, with the address viewable as “noreply@kiite.ai

The “Reply To” address will be the sender’s email address, so your recipient will be able to respond directly to the email and reach the sender!

If you attach a live document, like a Google doc, it will take the viewer to that same live document, rather than a preview or a downloadable version. What they can see or do is dependent on their permissions within the live document.


To access analytics, you need to be an Admin or an Editor. Navigate to Insights > Sent Resource Insights to view these.

The analytics include insights about the following:

  • Resource sent

  • Recipient

  • Sender

  • Views

  • Time sent

These analytics can be viewed in both a graph and a table, alongside your Top Sent Resources and those that were Recently Viewed. You can also filter the results by Teams. Click here to learn more about organizing Teams in your workspace.

You also have the option to receive an email notification when a resource you sent is viewed. You can manage these settings (and all of your notification preferences) by clicking your photo in the lower left corner > Profile & Preferences.

The insights will only come from live cards and playbooks, not from those in drafts.

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