Users on the Enterprise package are now able to create Draft versions of Playbooks and Cards! Draft items can only be managed by the owner/author of the playbook or card.

How to create a Draft Playbook:

  • Click "Create a Playbook" from any screen to get started

  • Add your title, description, and category

  • Click the arrow (^) next to "Create Playbook"

  • Select "Create Draft Playbook"

  • Click to confirm

  • That's all! You'll be directed to your new Draft Playbook, where you'll see "Draft" denoted underneath your playbook title, to the left of the description

To create a Draft Card:

  • Click "Create a Card" from any screen

  • Add your title, description, tags, and any resources you'd like

  • Click the arrow (^) next to "Create Card"

  • Select "Create Draft Card"

  • Click to confirm

  • That's all! You'll see "Draft" denoted above your card title

To edit a draft playbook or card:

  • Click "..." on your Draft Card or Playbook and select Edit

  • Make any changes you'd like

  • Click the arrow (^) next to Save & Make Live

  • Select "Save Draft Card" to keep your card in Drafts (make sure to select this option when you edit your card or Playbook if you're not ready to make it live!)

  • Click to confirm

Note: When you make a playbook live, you don't have to worry – any Drafts cards will still be in Drafts, and will not switch to live. They'll only be visible to you until you choose to make them live for others.

Yes you can...

  • Filter for "Drafts" in the Discovery page

  • Add Draft Cards to a Draft Playbook or a live Playbook

  • Similarly, add a live Card to a Draft Playbook

  • See Draft cards in search results

  • Copy a Playbook including the Draft Cards

  • Reassign a Draft record

No you can't...

  • Publish a Draft Playbook

  • Share a Draft Playbook

  • Send a resource from a Draft Card

Happy drafting!

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