So you got an invite to Playbooks? Amazing! We're happy to have you. (Psst, if you're trying to see how to invite a new user, click here instead.)

Open up that invite email and click "Accept Invitation!"

Once you accept your invitation, you'll need to create a username and password to set up your Kiite account. If you receive a notification that your invitation has expired, please contact your Kiite Administrator to request a new invite.

After you enter your information, you're in! Click through the screen below to learn a little more about Kiite Playbooks.

Click "Next" to read these tips and tricks (or click "Skip This" – we won't be too sad). Then you'll land on your team's dashboard!

Once you proceed to your dashboard, you can see what your team is up to in this Workspace. At the top of your screen, you'll see the newest Playbooks. Below, you can filter between the newest and most popular content from your team. To the right, you'll see a feed of recent activity from your team members.

You're all set! Feel free to explore your new Workspace, with all of its Playbooks and Cards. Create your first Playbook and learn the best practices.

If you can't add content, your role in Kiite might not intend for you to do so. You can see each of the different roles and their permissions here.

What if I can't accept my invite?

If you see this screen when you attempt to accept your invitation:

You either already accepted your invitation, or your invitation has expired. If you recall accepting your invitation, enter your email and password to sign in!

Otherwise, please request a new invitation. You can request this from your Kiite Admin.

The next time you log in to your email, you can expect to see a welcome note from us. It will link back to your Workspace for easy access, but adding it to your bookmarks is always helpful if you want to keep it handy!

Happy helping! Your content in Kiite Playbooks empowers your team members with knowledge, and keeps processes smooth and easy to follow.

Any questions about the platform? Attend our weekly open demo to learn more.

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