Step 1

Add a new user in Google Apps and set user password. This is your Kiite integration user. These user credentials will be entered into Kiite by a Kiite administrator to complete the integration (Step 2). Whatever assets you share with this user will be accessed by Kiite. This allows you to control the assets the Kiite app has access to.

Only Google Apps Administrators can complete Step 1 via your company’s Admin Console. Unsure who your Google Apps Administrator is? Visit this page for help.

Step 2

Connect to Google Drive (login to Kiite, navigate to Settings > Integrations). Click ”Connect to Google Drive” and enter and submit credentials for the Kiite integration user (set in Step 1).

Only Kiite Administrator’s can complete Step 2 in the Kiite web app.

Step 3

Share Google Drive files or folders with the Kiite integration user. Kiite is able to access only those files or folders that are shared with your integration user. In 24 hours the assets you’ve shared will automatically appear in your Kiite search results.

Anyone with permission to share a Google Drive asset within your domain can complete this step.

Connecting a personal Google Drive account

You can setup the Kiite integration using your personal Google Drive credentials. A dedicated integration user is not required to setup a personal Google Drive.

Once connected, Kiite will have access to those assets which are available to the integration setup user.

If you have assets in your Google Drive you do not want Kiite to access, do not setup the integration with your own Google Drive credentials.

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