There are two different ways to leverage your Salesforce + Kiite integration. You only need to set up the integration once to leverage both ways. 

1. View your Kiite Playbooks in Salesforce Lightning

You can view all of your cards, playbooks, and connected resources within Salesforce so you don't have to leave!

2. Query your Salesforce account records in Slack (you must have the Slack and Kiite Integration)

The Salesforce integration can help your Sales Team query particular fields in Salesforce right within their chat system.

Once you connect Salesforce to Kiite, you can ask these questions to Kiite and it will pull from the standard fields in your Salesforce.

If you have customized fields that you would like to be part of the integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email We will be able to help you create custom mappings for your fields!

How to set up Kiite integration with Salesforce

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