If you've integrated Kiite with Slack, you'll be able to access all of the knowledge you have in Kiite, right in Slack!

What does the Kiite and Slack integration do? 

  • Allow you to search Cards, Playbooks, and Resources while you are in Slack

Where to message Kiite:

  • in a private message with Kiite

  • in a channel where Kiite is a member and has permission

How to talk to Kiite:

  • Tag @kiite in a channel followed by your search terms (tagging Kiite will allow the results to be visible by those in the channel)

  • Use the command /kiite search followed by your search terms (using this command, the results will only visible to you until you decide to share it)


Typing out:
Can be utilized in a direct message to Kiite or in a channel where Kiite is a user.

Yields these results:
The green results are from the Knowledge Base. The grey results are link directly to relevant resources.

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