In the Kiite Playbooks head over to Settings > Integrations.

These Data Sources, you can connect to on your own: 

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox and Dropbox Paper (must be on Professional)

  • Microsoft OneDrive (must be on Professional)

  • Box

For these Data Sources, please contact us for assistance at

  • Confluence

  • Bloomfire

  • Workramp

NOTE: When you are connecting a Data Source to Kiite, we advise that you create a new user/account rather than using your personal account. Anything that this new user has access to, Kiite will have access to. 

For example, if you are connecting Google Drive to Kiite, you would create a new email and account in Google. (as if you were hiring a new person!). You would share documents with this user that you would want Kiite to be able to learn and search from.

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